School pride is part of the culture at St Leonards.  All students are expected to wear uniform and we provide a range of different options. 

St Leonards Primary School Uniform is endorsed by School Governing Council. The current uniform was introduced following extensive consultation with parents, students and the school community. Factors of suitability, appearance, durability, washability and price were considered when recommending these items. The Uniform Committee meets regularly to review the uniform and may recommend additions or amendments to the approved items.

There is an expectation from Governing Council that all students will wear correct uniform to school. If students are unable to wear uniform on a particular day, a note from parents/caregivers is required. Students will be given the opportunity to borrow uniform. 

Our students are continually on show as they play in the yard, go about their school day, go out of the school on excursions and even walk or ride to and from school. Therefore all parents are asked to check that their child’s uniform is in good condition, including the green broad brimmed hat.

A Uniform Shop is available at the school. The Uniform Shop is open Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 9:00am through the Cash Office. Orders may be left with office staff and collected at a later time alternatively orders can be placed via the Qkr! app. The Uniform Shop stocks a wide range of winter and summer clothing.  Broad brimmed hats are required to be worn in Term 1 and Term 4.

Students at St Leonards Primary School are required to wear full school uniform.

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