Enrolment and Transition

We welcome new enrolments and invite parents to contact the school. Principal Tours are held once a year and families are invited to meet the Leadership Staff, Student Leaders and tour the school and see teaching and learning in action. 

Before a student enrols at St Leonards Primary School an official enrolment form must be completed and signed by the enrolling parent or guardian. A St Leonards Primary School Enrolment form will be sent to new families on request. Please call the School during normal office hours and it will be sent to you.


Students have orientation visits in Term 4 the year before they start school. Letters will be sent to parents of new children advising dates and times. The Leadership Team and Reception teachers will provide an information session during the first visit. 

Year 7 students are provided with details of High School Open Days and transition days take place in Term 4. All Year 7 students receive letters/forms in Term 2 re High School zoning and the application process.

Further Resources:

Download the Enrolment Form. Enrolment forms are also available directly from the school.

Access the Same First Day Calculator (Enter the month and year your child was born in the same first day calculator to find out when your child should start preschool and school).

From 2014 there will be a single start date for preschool and school children. Read the Same First Day Fact Sheet for more information.