The St Leonards Primary School Canteen provides students with a variety of healthy food items. Our Canteen is operated by Canteen Managers and parent volunteers.

Our Canteen Manager is Katrina James. She is assisted by the Canteen Committee, a sub committee of the Governing Council.

The Canteen is open every day. Children can purchase food and snacks during recess or lunch times.  There is an ordering system for lunch with lunches being delivered to the classroom by lunch monitors.  Older children can assist in the Canteen by becoming a Canteen Champion. We welcome parent helpers. 

Orders can be placed through the Qkr! app.

Canteen staff can be contacted on   8294 7893.

Details of the delicious food and prices can be found in this Price List.

The Canteen is open every day and children can purchase food or snacks during recess or lunch times.


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