Student Leadership

Student Leadership at St Leonards Primary School is an important initiative which enables our students to develop self-confidence and grow in their ability to be a leader. 

Student Leadership consists of a Student Representative Council (R -7) and other leadership positions (Yr 5 - 7).

School Ambassadors

Our School Ambassadors are responsible for assisting the Principal in a range of duties including welcoming visitors, Principal Tours, presenting Student Awards and representing students at meetings.

Student Representative Council (SRC)
Represent students from each class at regular meetings under guidance of Mr Smith, bringing ideas and student issues as well as organising events and school based fundraising.

House Captains
The House Captains are under the guidance of Ms Bevan and Mr Schwarz and help with team preparations for Sports Day, cleaning up the sports shed and organising new equipment. They also help with lunch time activities and support teachers and students.

Handy Helpers
The Handy Helpers assist with general odd jobs around the school including paper and can recycling. They support our Grounds Person Jim.

Canteen Champions
Under the guidance of Katrina and Deryl (Canteen Managers) the Canteen Champions help during recess or lunch to serve in the canteen, providing good customer service, assisting with restocking products and tidying up.

Tech Team
This team helps care for the technical equipment around the school and support classroom teachers and students with technical problems as they arise and have a good working knowledge of computers and iPads and are under the guidance of  Kelly Peterson.

Library Monitors
The library monitors help Kelly Peterson with organising lunch time activities and supporting younger students when borrowing and helping to tidy and put things away.

Performing Arts
This team helps to set up the PA system for assemblies and assists with the organisation of the hall for performances. They help organise Music Night with music instructor Liz Willis. They may also help MC Celebration Night.

Safe Buddies
The Safe Buddies have an important role to assist younger students in the yard and support teachers during playtimes. They meet with Karen Thorogood (PCW) once a week to learn, plan and prepare ways to communicate with and support younger students.


To be a successful Student Leader, students need to be:

Confident: To speak clearly in meetings and on other occasions.

Persistent: To not give up when a problem or difficulty arises.

Organised: To attend all meetings and be punctual. To follow up issues at meetings.

Able to Get Along: To respect others ideas. To let others have their say without interrupting.