Staff List

Leadership Staff
Principal Dave Henty-Smith
Deputy Principal Kathy Baker
Wellbeing Leader Heidi Bevan
Teaching Staff
Room 1 - Year 4 Hayden Schwarz
Room 2 - Year 4 Susan Hallam and Di Hannagan
Room 3 - Year 2/3 Hayley Phillips
Room 4 - Year 3 Graeme Smith
Room 5 - Year 5 Amanda Drinkwater
Room 6 - Year 5 Kathleen Rollings
Room 7 - Reception Jess Ogilvie
Room 9 - Reception Judy Ireland and Maddie Dowden
Room 10 - Reception Ellen Barr and Kristen Harris
Room 11 - Year 1 Judi Brown and Sonia Tu
Room 12 - Year 1 Shelley Sayers and Sonia Tu
Room 15 - Year 2 Bonnie Tohl and Jane Brooks
Room 16 - Year 2 Sonya Winter and Dennis Moyle
Room 17 - Year 6/7 Natalie Baggio
Room 18 - Year 6/7 Jasmine Miller
Room 20 - Year 6/7 Stevo Jurkovic and Jenny Good
LOTE - Chinese

Pui Heng Chan

Physical Education Melissa Barnes
Arts Liz Condous
Teacher Support Sharon Hill
Health Di Hannagan and Dennis Moyle

STEM/Digital Technologies

EALD Support

Dennis Moyle

Sonia Tu
Support Staff
SSO Finance Manager Victoria Sierros
SSO Office Manager and Enrolment Officer/International Student Liaison PA to the Principal Mel Worden
SSO ICT Manager, Library Manager. Assessments and Data. Admin Support Kelly Peterson

SSO Student Support/ Children's University/School Sport/ School Promotions

SSO Student Support and Finance Support
Heather Pronk

Sue Smith

SSO Admin - Front Office

SSO Student Support

SSO Student Support and Admin Support

SSO Student Support

Liv Bradley

Sara Batool

Sasha Kerley

Rachel Penn

SSO Student Support Tair Vaidenfeld
SSO Student Support

SSO Student Support

Julieanne Whitehead

Natalie Wilson

Jim Goudie
Nicola Ross
AEO Zac Scott


Dave Henty-Smith



Kathy Baker
Deputy Principal


Bevan, Heidi

Heidi Bevan
Wellbeing Leader 



Staff Contact List