Staff List

Leadership Staff
Principal Dave Henty-Smith
Deputy Principal Barry Stewart
STEM Coordinator Science/Sustainability Kathy Baker
Counsellor, Special Education and EALD Di Hannagan
Teaching Staff
Room 1 - Year 3/4 Hayden Schwarz
Room 2 - Year 4/5 Susan Hallam and Ebony Grigg
Room 3 - Year 3/4 Sonia Tu and Liz Condous
Room 4 - Year 3/4 Graeme Smith
Room 5A - Year 2 Shelley Sayers and Ellie Treacey
Room 5B - Year 1/2 Sonya Winter
Room 6 - Year 2/3 Jess Ogilvie
Room 7 - Reception/Year 1 Judi Brown
Room 8 - Year 1 Ellen Barr
Room 9 - Reception Dennis Moyle 
Room 10 - Reception Judy Ireland
Room 11A - Year 6/7 Amanda Drinkwater
Room 11B - Year 6/7 Stevo Jurkovic
Room 12 - Year 4/5 Lesley Blyth and Kathleen Rollings
German/ Italian Natalie Baggio
Literacy Support Jane Brooks
Physical Education Heidi Bevan
Arts Liz Condous
Teacher Support Ellie Treacey

Special Ed/EALD/Councillor


Dianne Hannagan

Kathleen Rollings

Support Staff
SSO Finance Officer Victoria Sierros
SSO Admin / Enrolment Officer/ Finance Support Mel Worden
SSO Library/ICT/Admin Support Kelly Peterson
SSO Student Support Rachael Edwards
SSO Student Support/ Children's University/STEM Support Heather Pronk
Pastoral Care Worker Karen Thorogood
Groundsperson Jim Goudie

 Henty Smith, Dave

Dave Henty-Smith


Stewart, Barry

Barry Stewart
Deputy Principal


Baker, Kathy

Kathy Baker
Co-ordinator STEM
Science and Sustainability


Hannagan, Dianne

Di Hannagan
Counsellor, Special Education and EALD



Staff Contact List