Governing Council

The Governing Council consists of up to 16 parents who work with the Principal to assist with the direction and further development of the school. Meetings occur twice a term on a Tuesday night in Week 3 and Week 8.

There are a number of sub committees on which all parents are also most welcome to join, which include Finance, OSHC, Canteen, Fundraising, Sports, Education and Grounds. These groups assist to set the broad direction, vision and strategic planning of the school.

The 2018 Governing Council members are:

Belinda Tredwell (Chairperson)

Belinda's role is to chair meetings, set agendas and represent the school when required.  Liaises with the Principal on a regular basis.

Leanne Denneny (Vice Chair)

Leanne's role is to chair meetings, set agendas and represent the school in the Chairpersons absence.

Peter Heading (Treasurer)

Peter chairs the Finance sub-committee, sets the Finance meeting agenda and reviews and presents the budget with the principal.

Paula Lowe (Secretary)

Paula takes and distributes  minutes. She also distrbutes the upcoming agenda and correspondence.

Ellen Barr (Staff Representative)

Ellen liaises with Governing Council and represents the view of the staff.  She also presents class reports to the meeting.


Members represent parents at Governing Council meetings and lead or participate in at least one sub-committee.

Current members include Ellen Barr, Belinda Tredwell, Leanne Denneny, Peter Heading, Paula Lowe, Bret Prew, Tiffany Titze, Kel Chardon, Michelle White, Brooke Higgins, Chrisna Louw, Rachel Newrick, Kimberley Hamilton, Heather Pronk, Nia Lewis, Lisa Miles, Holly Skorupanovic, Emma Scott, Melanie Perkins and Sky Pratt-Hossainpoor.

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The Governing Council involves parents and the wider school community in decision making to ensure that the educational, cultural and social needs of the community are considered.